Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards

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Nothing expresses gratitude more than a handwritten note enclosed in a beautiful handmade thank-you card. However, you do not need to be a master craftsperson to make your own thank-you cards. Take inspiration from the following simple cardmaking projects to produce personalised thank you cards in under 15 minutes.

List of Best Handmade Thank you Cards

Here is the list of best Handmade Thank you Cards.

1. Banner Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Banner Card


Cut a few triangles from a range of printed papers (or textiles), then string them over the card’s front using rustic twine. Use a marker to add a letter to each triangle, or let the banner speak for itself and place your message within.

2. Potato Stamp Turkey Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Potato Stamp Turkey Card


Before you peel, boil, and mash all the potatoes on Thanksgiving, save one to serve as a simple paint stamp. With just a few fingerprints and construction paper beaks, crafters can transform this blob of paint into a humorous little turkey.

3. Wax Resist Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Wax Resist Card


Your children may easily create their own wax resist artwork with a white crayon, watercolours, and a touch of magic. Simply write a message using wax, and then paint over it to reveal it. This method is especially child-friendly. Perfect for expressing gratitude to your child’s teacher or daycare provider.

4. Painter’s Tape Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Painter’s Tape Card


Apply paint immediately on top of a bold statement or basic pattern that has been outlined with tape. To reveal your negative space design, remove the tape. This one is ideal for children learning to send birthday and graduation gift thank you cards.

5. Thumbprint Balloon Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Thumbprint Balloon Card001


This easy-to-use fingerprint card is ideal for expressing gratitude to a group instructor. Experiment with finger paint or ink, and have children sign their names inside to add a touch of individualization.

6. Wrapping Paper Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Wrapping Paper Card


Not only are these handcrafted thank-you notes easy and quick to make, but they also offer a terrific method to recycle wrapping paper scraps. Bonus points for wrapping paper that matches the gift-giver!

7. Easy Pop-up Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Easy Pop-up Card


Using this simple pop-up approach, instruct children to replicate the 3D illustrations of their favourite storybooks. Simplify the creation by handling the cutting and allowing children to use stickers or drawings for the popping.

8. Thanks a Bunch Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Thanks a Bunch Card


Everyone enjoys a good culinary pun, and there are plenty of them in thank-you notes. For this humorous card, illustrate a cluster of purple grapes (or bananas, flowers, or anything else that is packaged in bunches) and add a personalized message inside.

9. Envelope Banner Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Envelope Banner Card


This adorable card makes excellent use of bits of patterned paper. Cut out a few miniature envelopes (this step is made much simpler with a rubber stamp), then string them onto jute or hemp. Using a pair of metal brads, attach the banner to the front of your card (or the inside for a fun surprise).

10. Hand Cut Out Card


Ideas for Easy Handmade Thank You Cards
Hand Cut Out Card


Your child’s hands serve as the template for the front and back of this creative card. Changing the greeting to “Thank You” creates a personalized, kid-friendly choice for a unique thank-you message.


Final Verdict

There are a million and one ways to express gratitude, but sending a handmade greetings card must be the finest! Thank a generous donor or a helping hero with a beautiful handcrafted thank you card. Whether you want to thank a teacher at the end of the semester or send a personal note to friends or family members who have supported you through difficult times, we have the perfect thank you card design for you. You may thank us afterwards!

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